BICOM® bioresonance

BICOM® bioresonance:
Bioresonance is a biophysical test and therapy method. Like acupuncture or homeopathy, it belongs to the field of complementary medicine and is a useful addition to conventional medicine.
The method has been tried and tested for allergies for over 30 years and is used in over 90 countries. A total of 6,800 doctors, 6,600 alternative practitioners, 770 dentists, 730 veterinarians and 300 animal health practitioners use the BICOM® method as a complementary healing method.
Carl Olof Svensson has been a trained BICOM® therapist since 1999 and Dr. med. Sabine Rauch has been working with the BICOM® device since 2004 as part of a holistic concept. 
Before the treatment, the current state of health is determined, among other things, by taking a detailed anamnesis and studying any previous findings, as well as any necessary conventional diagnostic procedures. An energetic diagnosis and determination of the energetic loads then takes place. The therapist thus forms a picture of the patient's overall condition, both from a conventional medical perspective and from an energy medical perspective. 
A treatment takes about 45 minutes. The patient is connected to the device via applicators and can sit or lie relaxed. The treatment is painless, gentle, and free from serious side effects. In rare cases, there may be brief initial aggravations, similar to homeopathy. However, these are easy to control and quickly disappear. They are part of a holistic healing process.
The BICOM®-Method can be used not only in treatment, but also very well in prevention. Here it is part of a holistic concept together with you Health coaching
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