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Life Cooperation Coach®-Training concept: (200 hours of total training)

The Life Cooperation Coach® - Training is a newly developed health coaching from a holistic point of view. Medical knowledge from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Ayurvedic medicine, as well as knowledge from empirical medicine and ancient wisdom traditions were combined with the latest findings from quantum physics, epigenetics and psychosynthesis.   

The aim of this training is physical, emotional and mental health and well-being from a medical and psychological point of view. Specialists in integrative medicine and naturopathy, TCM, psychology, mindfulness, sports psychology and psychosynthesis designed this training.   

Part of the training is also a specially developed BICOM®- Bioresonance treatment to compensate for energetic blockages caused by environmental pollution. 



Dr. med. Sabine Rauch, Specialist in general medicine, naturopathy, acupuncture, homeopathy, chirotherapy. 25 years of experience in integrative medicine, BICOM®- Instructor, LCC®-Coach.

Carl Olof Svensson, 21 years of experience as BICOM®-Trainers and BICOM® - Therapist, fitness and sports trainer, LCC®- Coach 

Torbjörn Josefsson (PhD), Psychologist, PhD in mindfulness, teacher in mindfulness in professional sports, teacher at Halmstad University, Sweden



  • First training: presence seminar 1.5 days (12 hours) in cooperation with Regumed® 
  • a further 120 hours (divided into 6 levels, each with 2-3 online training seminars and one face-to-face seminar per year. Total training duration 2-3 years)
  • 68 hours of practical work (case studies) and supervision 
  • Even during the training, you can work as a coach with the knowledge you have already learned.  

Training content:

1.) Prevention through BICOM® Treatment and lifestyle changes (12 hours) in cooperation with Regumed®

  •  Structure of the human body from the perspective of energy medicine
  •  What is Qi / Prana? 
  •   The concept: Explanation of how to proceed with the materials
  •  5 steps to a healthy life
  •  BICOM® - treatment as part of prevention and health care
  •  Explanation of the 5 elements theory from TCM
  •  Hatha yoga
  •  5 elements of nutrition
  •  Exercises and lifestyle changes (yoga, breathing exercises, stress reduction, meditations)


2.) Lifestyle changes and the physical-emotional level (20 hours)

  • Basic knowledge from quantum physics, epigenetics and energy medicine
  • Structure of the human body from the perspective of energy medicine
  • What is the physical-emotional level?
  • Awareness and bio-resonance
  • Basic knowledge of psychosynthesis: Roberto Assagioli and his concept
  • Basic knowledge in mindfulness (Torbjörn Josefsson, PhD, psychologist) 


3.) Lifestyle changes and the emotional level: How do you bring emotions under control? (20 hours)

  • The ego and the self
  • More about psychosynthesis 
  • How do I find my self? 
  • The 4 promises of Don Miguel Ruiz 
  • Exercises to control emotions

4.) The Mental Plane Part 1: How to Control Your Thoughts (20 hours) 

  • Unmask old thought patterns and mental blocks
  • Presence in the here and now
  • Faith and placebo, awareness and attention
  • Development of willpower
  • Exercises to control the mental level


5.) The Mental Plane Part 2: How to Control Your Thoughts (20 hours)

  • Energy and information. Energetic healing concepts
  • Thought Power: How to Influence Your Life
  • Exercises to train the power of thought and willpower
  • creativity


6.) The spiritual level: Part 1 (20 hours) 

  • The knowledge of the ancient wisdom traditions
  • Man and his environment
  • The universal laws of life and nature 
  • Humanitarian qualities


7.) The spiritual level: Part 2 (20 hours)

  • Basic knowledge about the 7 types from psychosynthesis / 7 rays
  • The meaning of life and how to find one's life purpose
  • Life and death: a never-ending story
  • Life Cooperation® and service to the community


Please contact our for more information Service team. We look forward to you!

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