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Part 7 of the Life Cooperation Coaching training involves the second part of what we have called ”Spiritual Reconnection”. The aim is to lead a holistic, self-determined life with an integrated personality and humanitarian qualities. You have already learned a lot about yourself in previous training and are now given additional tools to integrate this knowledge into your daily life. Knowing about the 7 types of energy (7 rays) that act on our bodies and influence our personality helps us in self-knowledge. In this way, soul energy and energy from the personality can be recognized and harmonized. In addition, you will receive knowledge about the other energies that affect us on the path of initiation. Life and death are considered in the context of the eternal cycle and finally you receive a summary of the knowledge gained so far from all LCC trainings. With the purchase of this training, you will receive two-month access to all training documents and videos of the seventh part of the Life Cooperation coach. If you work in a company, we ask you to add your VAT number during the ordering process.


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