Support for BICOM therapists and practices from Dr. Rauch/Svensson treatment system

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By purchasing this product, we offer you the opportunity to have us support you in the use and application of BICOM therapy. Please note that the price depends on the scope of coaching you require. If you work as a self-employed therapist, we ask you to add your VAT number during the ordering process. 

If you are interested in supportive advice from Dr. Rauch and Mr. Svensson, please contact us via the following email address so that we can respond to your personal situation and create a tailor-made offer for you with individual pricing.


We would be happy to share with you our experiences as a doctor, therapist for complementary medicine and trainer for life support and lifestyle changes. This results in advantages for both experienced and new therapists in everyday practice. 

This coaching can support you in further developing your treatment approaches in the following areas: 

  • Organization of everyday practice 
  • Further training in practice for special and individual topics 
  • Development of tailor-made support processes for you and your employees 
  • Help in individual cases (e.g. complex cases or cases where you feel unsure) 
  • Present seminars in one of our partner practices for individuals or groups (e.g. in Munich)

After you have completed your purchase of this product, we will send you a notification about possible appointments. Since this data is delivered via email, it is essential that you provide correct and up-to-date data. 

If you have any questions about this product and the general activation process, please feel free to contact us Service-Team turn around.

By providing your VAT identification numbermer (VAT ID number) you confirm that you are receiving the service for your company. Should our verification of the VAT ID number. If it does not match your data, we will recalculate the sales tax.

Entrepreneurs from third countries are asked to pay the VAT amount. If you subsequently provide us with sufficient documents to prove your entrepreneurial status in a third country, the sales tax amount will be credited and refunded.

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